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How Content Moderation Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Content moderation is seen as a necessity for many online platforms that welcome user generated content. All kinds of websites and applications from dating apps to games to social media…

Image Moderation, Video Moderation, UGC

How to Moderate Metaverse Experiences

WebPurify is excited to announce our newest offering to help protect internet users: our VR Moderation Studio. We have proudly offered text, image, and video moderation services for over sixteen…

VR and Metaverse Moderation

What is AI art and what does it mean for the future of content moderation?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been taking off in recent decades. As we make smarter AI, the need for humans to do similar tasks sometimes changes or even becomes altogether unnecessary….

Image Moderation

What are content moderators and what is the best way to train them?

CONTENT WARNING: This post discusses some of the difficulties that content moderators face, including viewing abusive and disturbing images. Content moderation can be a taxing job. Content moderators often view…

Image Moderation, Video Moderation, UGC

The 20 Best Business Marketing Podcasts of 2022 for You and Your Team

First, let’s just say that we love podcasts! They may seem like a trendy way to get behind the scenes looks at your favorite TV shows, but podcasts are also…

Marketing & Operations

What is an influencer and how do I get a quality one for my brand?

The internet has made it easy for consumers everywhere to discover new products. Even in the age of the internet, however, word of mouth recommendations reign supreme. People trust others’…


What is a Community Manager and What Does the Future Hold for the Community Manager Profession?

More job postings are listed for Community Manager roles every day, but is this position necessary for the modern business? If statistics are to be believed, the response is a…


9 Ways Content Moderation Can Help Brand Managers

Brand managers are responsible for developing a brand’s marketing strategy, and implementing that plan through marketing campaigns on various channels. User-generated content (UGC) is one component of brand strategy. This…


The Top 6 Tips for Addressing Content Concerns Using Moderation in 2022

In the past, most brands’ primary concern was using content to attract users to their platform. Today, the amount of information online has grown substantially and the uses for user-generated…


Marketing Experts’ Top 12 Social Media Tips

  For any business, social media can play an integral role in getting your products and services in front of the right audience. But casually posting a photo on Facebook…