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How Content Moderation Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Content moderation is seen as a necessity for many online platforms that welcome user generated content. All kinds of websites and applications from dating apps to games to social media…

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What are content moderators and what is the best way to train them?

CONTENT WARNING: This post discusses some of the difficulties that content moderators face, including viewing abusive and disturbing images. Content moderation can be a taxing job. Content moderators often view…

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5 Content Moderation Mistakes to Avoid

While the future of many apps and platforms is based on adherence to the policies of Apple, Google, and other tech giants, it is also based on user experience.  Is…

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Sound On: The Top 6 Video-Streaming Campaigns of 2020

It’s no secret that global lockdowns caused by COVID-19 impacted the way we connect and communicate in 2020, personally and professionally. Internet users now spend 32% of their time on…

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Best Practices for Trust and Safety Officers: An Interview with the TSPA’s Co-Founders

The Trust and Safety Officer The trend towards doing business online and the need to address the safety and security issues this brings has led to the introduction of a…

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TikTok Addresses Content Moderation Concerns Amid Steady Growth

  We’ve discussed how social media giants Facebook and Twitter, platforms that have existed since the early 2000s, have made recent policy changes to address the concerns of the U.S….

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UGC Moderation: 22 Tips for Choosing the Best Partner

When it comes to doing business online, there’s hardly anything more important than your brand image. It creates recognition and fosters trust. But most importantly, it gives you equity and…

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The Solution to Deepfakes Remains Unclear

  While the aim of leveraging artificial intelligence is to make operations efficient and insightful, there are undoubtedly more nefarious applications of this fast-advancing technology. Deepfakes, one such application, present…

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Taking Advantage of Social Media Contests

  In 2007, Facebook and Twitter laid the ground work for social media contests by introducing features like Fan Pages and hashtags, respectively. However, contests put on by brands didn’t really…

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There’s No Rewind

Recently, YouTube users discovered some horrifying pieces of content, once again highlighting the risk of user generated video, and more broadly, the guarantee that the totality of the human condition…

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