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5 moments when #ModerationMatters

We often talk in this blog about the dark side of UGC: CSAM, deepfakes or harmful uses of generative AI. To be an effective content moderator, you need to be…


The top trust and safety events to attend in 2024

The best content moderation is like the most skilled stage crew in a theater production: it goes unnoticed. What do we mean by that? Well, when content moderation is running…


10 key considerations for platforms preparing for the 2024 elections

As the world gears up for a pivotal election season in 2024, with critical ballots set in the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other nations, any online platform…


Classic online scams brands must be aware of in 2024

While the internet revolutionized our lives, connecting us in ways previously unimaginable and opening doors to vast knowledge and convenience, it also paved the way for a less savory reality:…


The challenge of moderating a world awash in misinformation

As we move into 2024 with its bevy of elections, continuing debates about climate change, COVID-19 and myriad other topics, people are facing information overload. The online world is one…

Marketing & Operations

Emerging trends in online safety: key insights from WebPurify

Imagine an army of artificially intelligent bots and human curators playing an endless game of 4D chess. Their mission? To sift through the storm of content you’re deluged with every…


10 common content moderation mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Content moderation is a delicate balancing act. On one hand, you must ensure that platforms remain safe, inclusive, and engaging for all users, but on the other, you want people…


5 reasons why e-commerce sites need content moderation during the holidays

The post-Thanksgiving period marks the zenith of online shopping each year. But as digital shopping carts fill and sales soar, this heightened activity, unfortunately, attracts a less welcome element of…


The weaponization of news: how NewsGuard is combating false narratives online

In a post-truth age, misinformation, disinformation and compelling counterfactuals are the new currency. For some audiences, it doesn’t matter what is accurate and true, it’s what is perceived as ought…


6 challenges of countering misinformation on social media

Social media gives misinformation wings. It’s easy to make lies fly on platforms that deal in the instant gratification of reposts and likes, but countering misleading content is decidedly harder….