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Live VR and Metaverse Moderation:
Making the Virtual World a Safer Place

Leave it to the industry leader to launch the first expert moderation solution for virtual worlds.

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The VR Moderation Studio:
Protecting the Universe in 3D.

Our innovative VR Moderation Studio brings first-generation services to bear for AR/VR and ever-expanding Metaverse applications:

  • Human teams to enforce appropriate behavior across virtual communities 24/7

  • Real-world techniques and methodologies for safeguarding un-real worlds

  • Specialized training and mental health support for meta moderators

Our live teams are already working to protect global brands in gaming and beyond.

Moderating the New Variable:
Virtual Behavior.

In 3D worlds, offensive gestures and violations of personal space are far more nuanced than text and images. Here are a few of the ways we address this complexity.

  • Dedicated VR Team Rooms with headsets, controllers and haptic suits.
  • Moderation techniques for virtual environments and non-verbal communications by avatars
  • Methodologies for de-escalating bad behaviors and escalating illegal activities to the authorities
  • Custom guidelines for platform governance, in God mode and otherwise
  • Advanced protocols for quality control, including feedback loops specific to AR/VR and Metaverse
  • Robust mental health guidelines for moderators facing exponentially more serious VR-specific stressors

Benefits Beyond Moderation

In addition to safeguarding your VR and Metaverse applications, our VR Moderation Studio can also help improve users' experience, increasing customer adoption and improving retention.

  • Orient new players as in-game ambassadors

  • Detect bugs and
    other UX issues

  • Recommend new

Our familiarity with your 3D environment makes us an ideal partner for everything from QA testing to consulting.

Case Study Protecting Women in the Metaverse

In the world of metaverse gaming, where heightened feelings of presence can inspire bad actors, WebPurify is helping a leading brand keep women safe.

We co-created terms of use that guide our in-game efforts. We trained a majority-female team to better identify and moderate harassing behavior and speech in a virtual environment. We automatically track and report any players in violation of community rules to the brand’s Trust & Safety team.

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