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How to Keep Your User Generated Video Campaign Fun and Safe

Four billion – that’s the number of video views on Facebook every day. Sure, plenty of those videos are snippets of Jimmy Fallon and his celebrity guest shenanigans. But many…

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Are Algorithms the Future of Content Moderation?

Algorithms are an important software technology with a lot of promise in many areas of our digital lives. But do they have a role in website content moderation? That’s an…

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Why Moderation Should be Your First Priority for a Successful UGC Campaign

User generated content (UGC) is becoming king of the content marketing world – just ask the millennials who say UGC is 35 percent more memorable and trusted 50 percent more…


Hiding behind the Net: The Anonymous Bully

Starting the first sentence of an article with “in the old days” reminds me of my grandfather, who by the way never took a “selfie” in his life. Anyway, in…


How Puma and The New England Patriots Could Have Prevented Their Auto Tweet Brand Fails

Last November, the New England Patriots were feeling good – the team had a record that would eventually lead to the Super Bowl (which they won, by the way) and…


The Lesser Known Internet Dangers Your Children Are Being Exposed To

“It’s not uncommon to see, really, two and three year olds becoming quite fluent with using a touch tablet or a touch device. So by the time they turn 6,…

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Swiping Left on Half a Million Images Daily . . . So You Don’t Have To

Last month we traveled to Sin City to share our expertise on how to keep the online dating world clear of offensive content, so 40 million Americans can safely continue…

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Case Study: Modamily + WebPurify

Client, an online community created to facilitate introductions between responsible, like-minded adults committed to co-parenting a child. Background Shortly after the launch of their site, received an unanticipated…

Content Moderation Case Studies

5 Reasons User Generated Content is the Holy Grail of eCommerce

by Tom Schwab We’ve all heard of the benefits of using content as a strategy to grow, engage and convert visitors to loyal customers.  It seems like Google reinforces the value…


Cloudinary Expands One-Stop Shop for Cloud-Based Image Management

Cloudinary, the leading cloud-based image management platform, today announced new and fully integrated image processing add-ons, leveraging technologies by Imagga, ReKognition, URL2PNG, Aspose, WebPurify and others.

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