Profanity Filter Services
for User Generated Content

113,735,974,216 Submissions checked for profanity

Capture variations of every kind of profanity you can imagine and eliminate the nuisance of having to create and maintain your own profanity database.

Profanity Filter API Features

  • Launch in Minutes Launch in

    Integration is quick and easy. Using our profanity filter lets you devote more time to building your app, instead of your own profanity filter. Code samples in all popular languages.

  • Support for 15 Languages Support for 15

    Filter profanity in English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Hindi, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, Korean and Punjabi.

  • Fast, accurate and reliable Fast, accurate
    and reliable

    With over 17 billion submissions scanned to date, our profanity filter algorithm is constantly being refined. Servers in the US, Asia & Europe ensure fast response times.

  • CMS Plugins One Click CMS

    Don’t want to use the profanity filter API? Easily integrate our profanity checker popular platforms without any programming.

  • Custom Block and Allow Lists Custom Block &
    Allow Lists

    Need to allow certain words or block others? Manage your own lists via the admin interface or API.

  • Filter Email, Phone and Links Email, Phone &
    Links Too

    Filter out email addresses, phone numbers and URLs to reduce spam in your application.

Start Filtering Profanity with a 14-Day Free Trial

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Start Filtering Profanity with a 14-Day Free Trial
  • How does the 14-day free trial work?

    During your free trial, you will get full access to all of WebPurify's features so you can test things out. There are no set up fees, hidden costs, and we don't even need a credit card. Your account will simply stop working in 14 days if you don't choose to sign up and pay for a plan.

  • Do you offer a method that replaces profane words with other characters (i.e. "@#$!")?

    Yes, documentation on this method can be found here:

  • Why make this a web service?

    WebPurify eliminates the nuisance of having to maintain your own profanity database, which is a time-consuming task. We're always working to increase the accuracy of WebPurify and to make sure it is compatible with all coding languages. As time goes on, we'll be releasing even more new features that you will be able to implement without installing new files.

  • How many requests can I make to WebPurify?

    WebPurify is hosted in a cloud environment, which scales automatically to meet capacity. This ensures that the response time of our service and yours never slows during periods of high traffic. While we do not limit the number of requests you make in a day, we do limit the number of requests you can make at one time. Please see the simultaneous requestMaximum number of simultaneous requests allowed per license. section on our pricing page.

  • Can I have custom block and allow lists?

    Yes! Through our admin interface or profanity filter API you can create custom allow and block lists for each license key. This allows you to manage your own profanity filter list.

  • What if I want to host the service myself?

    The WebPurify Profanity Filter Server allows customers, who are unable to use SaaS services, to host WebPurify on their servers. Please contact for more information.

Start Filtering Profanity with a 14-Day Free Trial