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Profanity Filtering & Offensive Text Moderation. Technology You Can Swear By

Only WebPurify offers the innovative solutions enterprises need to raise the bar on moderation —and we have over 100 billion submissions to prove it!

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1,073,143,895,682 Submissions Filtered and Counting For Some of The World’s Best Brands

  • NBC Universal
  • Accenture
  • Wieden Kennedy
  • Crayola
  • DeNA
  • Microsoft
  • PBS
  • Legal Zoom

Profanity Filtering: Beyond Words

  • Fast, accurate, reliable

    We’ve been optimizing our profanity filter algorithm since our inception 12+ years ago to deliver unprecedented levels of accuracy. Our global infrastructure maximizes speed across endpoints.

  • Supports 15 languages

    Filter profanity in English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Hindi, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, and Punjabi.

  • Optical Character Recognition New

    Our OCR Profanity Filter and OCR Block & Allow lists outperform simple profanity filters and are specially designed to extract text from visual content.

  • Hosted or on-premise

    WebPurify is as flexible as you need it to be. We can host our profanity filtering technology for you in our private cloud, or you can install it on your own hardware.

  • Offensive Intent Detection

    Flag harmful content in the form of suspicious or malicious phrases in categories such as bigotry, personal attacks, criminal activity, and mental health.

  • Launches in minutes

    Installing the WebPurify profanity filter is fast and easy, allowing you to devote more time to your business. Our developer community has also created filtering plugins for all major platforms.

  • Custom Block & Allow lists

    Need to block certain terms and allow others? Manage your own Block & Allow lists via the admin interface or API.

  • One-Click CMS plugins

    Don’t want to use our profanity filter? Easily integrate our profanity checker on popular platforms like WordPress, Drupal™, and Joomla!® with no additional programming.

OFFENSIVE INTENT Supercharge Text Moderation to Flag Personal Attacks

“You’re ugly.”

Pair our proprietary artificial intelligence based offensive intent technology with profanity filtering to achieve all-new levels of precision based on phraseology and context in 7 categories. You won’t want to moderate without it. Only available with our custom plans.

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Highly Scalable—from Dozens to
Millions of Submissions Monthly

profanity filter scalable startup

Startups pay as little as $15/month to access the finest profanity filtering in the business using our shared endpoint.

profanity filter scalable enterprise

Enterprise applications allow for custom endpoints, multiple simultaneous requests, custom reporting, 24-hour support, and plenty more.

Ideal for Any Experience that
Allows User-Generated Content

  • Blogs, Forums & Communities

    profanity filter ugc blogs Don’t let abusive messages or harmful social interactions compromise the user experience in forums, dating apps, private chat, or live streams.

  • Customer Reviews

    profanity filter ugc reviews Remove unnecessarily offensive and hateful reviews from your retail, travel, or hospitality websites—and showcase your brand in the best possible light.

  • SMS & In-App Messaging

    ugc sms profanity filter api Moderate in-app chat among staff and customers, live-streaming text campaigns, and SMS content for social walls and more. Certified Twilio Partner.

  • Children’s Sites

    children site profanity filter api Protect kids from profanity and other potentially harmful content, and filter PII like email and phone numbers to help support COPPA-compliance.

  • In-Game Chat

    ugc game chat profanity filter Ensure your players can express themselves freely while maintaining a healthy, inclusive online community that drives engagement.

  • Mobile Apps

    ugc mobile apps profanity filter api Avoid App Store rejection by satisfying Apple and Google requirements for integrated filtering of objectionable user names and comments.

  • Product Customization & Engraving

    ugc products profanity filter Use our content moderation tools to filter profanity and brand-damaging text from all forms of device and apparel customization.

  • Digital Guest Books & Displays

    ugc digital profanity filter Capture authentic customer feedback without compromising your brand’s integrity. Perfect for hotels, sporting events, concerts, and more.

  • Customer Online Communications

    ugc customer profanity filter Protect customers from disgruntled employees—and employees from combative customers—whether it’s via live chat, email, or other.

Case Study Filtering $%&#^#$ from the Edge of Space


When Microsoft launched the Pegasus II unmanned high-altitude balloon to demonstrate its Azure IoT platform, they streamed real-time video from the craft and invited the public to send SMS messages back. These texts ultimately became a permanent part of the flight recording.

Microsoft chose WebPurify to moderate the live SMS during the balloon’s journey. We ensured that not one single offensive message slipped through our profanity filters.

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Profanity Filtering FAQs

  • What is a Profanity Filter?

    Profanity filters were created to block users from posting offensive text such as curse words or racist terms. They filter out a predetermined list of words, but typically also allow the customer to create their own custom “blocklist” of additional words or phrases they want to prevent that are more specific to their brand’s concerns. An effective profanity filter service is not simply a list of offensive words, but an advanced algorithm designed to catch the various and creative ways users attempt to obfuscate those words such as replacing letters with numbers (leet speak) or using repeated characters. When selecting a profanity service, remember to ensure that it covers the various languages that your users speak.

    The results of the profanity filter can be used in various ways, from simply preventing the post/comment from populating on the customer’s site, escalating it to their internal team for further review, or replacing the offensive language with asterisks or other symbols. Sometimes, profanity filters will also allow customers to create their own “allowlist” for words or phrases they wish to permit, as they may want to modify the strictness of the filter.

    Profanity filters are typically easy-to-integrate APIs that run in the background as your users post to your site.

  • What are the primary uses of profanity filtering?

    WebPurify helps companies filter user-generated text in forums, games, comments, public and private chat systems, social media, product reviews, and more. But we don’t stop there. Our moderation technology also applies to image moderation and videos, even text embedded in images like memes.

  • Why should I use WebPurify’s advanced profanity filter service instead of building my own filter?

    WebPurify eliminates the nuisance of having to maintain your own profanity database—and goes way beyond basic Block & Allow lists. In fact, we continuously optimize our algorithm to adapt to the creative ways users attempt to introduce offensive language. WebPurify’s profanity filter also avoids false positives and negatives.

  • What type of API does WebPurify provide?

    WebPurify is easy to implement for anyone with experience using HTTP web services. Check out our API documentation or contact to learn more

  • How long does a typical WebPurify integration take?

    WebPurify can be installed in a matter of minutes using all the required documentation we provide.

  • How does the 14-day free trial work?

    Easy. You’ll have full access to all of WebPurify’s features so you can test our technology live. There are no setup fees or hidden costs. We also offer a trial console that lets you test the filter without having to integrate our content moderation service.

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Case Study Keeping Play Lab Safe for Young Eyes’s Code Studio Play Lab’s Code Studio Play Lab is a web-based environment for K-12 in which students from all over the world can build stories, dialogues, and games online. They chose WebPurify to protect the entire experience—from creating and optimizing blocklists, to handling words in non-English locales.’s Code Studio Play Lab

For more than six years, WebPurify has been catching inappropriate language on a weekly basis that would otherwise jeopardize the experience for children.

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