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The Unseen Side of Advertising: Safeguarding your Platform Against the Risks of Unchecked Ads

Find out why content moderation is essential to ensure ethical and effective ad campaigns and mitigate exposure to brand safety risks.

WebPurify The Unseen Side of Advertising: Safeguarding your Platform Against the Risks of Unchecked Ads eBook Cover

Are you ready to manage the risks of online advertising?


One wrong move can damage your platform’s reputation when it comes to the high-stakes world of online advertising. It’s a model that thrives on scale, yet a single non-compliant ad or unsafe ad placement can put the entire ecosystem at risk. Investment in content moderation and safety measures is not just the right thing to do for your users and advertisers, it’s also a revenue imperative – history has shown that advertiser boycotts can measurably impact a company’s bottom line.

Our latest eBook, The Unseen Side of Advertising, brings together leading experts to explore the current challenges of advertising compliance and brand safety, offering experiences and guidance to help you protect your brand and customers.

​​“It is absolutely essential that ad-supported platforms have robust content moderation in place – both to vet the content of ads, and the context in which they appear.”

Alexandra Popken,
VP of Trust & Safety,

What’s Inside?

  • Brand Safety Through The Years: explore the evolution of brand safety from its origins in print media to its significant impact on today’s digital advertising landscape.
  • Expert Opinions: gain valuable perspectives from AJ Brown, COO at the Brand Safety Institute, and learn how industry leaders are addressing brand safety challenges.
  • Ensuring Global Compliance: understand the implications of various regional laws and regulations on your advertising content and discover strategies to stay compliant while optimizing your campaigns.
  • Strategic Insights: uncover practical advice on establishing a comprehensive ad safety practice, including the integration of content moderation and collaboration with sales teams.