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10 common content moderation mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Content moderation is a delicate balancing act. On one hand, you must ensure that platforms remain safe, inclusive, and engaging for all users, but on the other, you want people…


5 reasons why e-commerce sites need content moderation during the holidays

The post-Thanksgiving period marks the zenith of online shopping each year. But as digital shopping carts fill and sales soar, this heightened activity, unfortunately, attracts a less welcome element of…


The weaponization of news: how NewsGuard is combating false narratives online

In a post-truth age, misinformation, disinformation and compelling counterfactuals are the new currency. For some audiences, it doesn’t matter what is accurate and true, it’s what is perceived as ought…


6 challenges of countering misinformation on social media

Social media gives misinformation wings. It’s easy to make lies fly on platforms that deal in the instant gratification of reposts and likes, but countering misleading content is decidedly harder….


4 Eye-Opening Insights from WebPurify’s Multiplayer Family: Parents of Gamers Report

Back in the days of guiding Mario through the pixelated labyrinths of Donkey Kong or embarking on epic quests in The Legend of Zelda, our biggest worries were dodging barrels…


How Apple can get its house in order ahead of the Apple Vision Pro launch

In the world of gaming, the boundaries between the real and the virtual are becoming increasingly porous. Long gone are the 2D days of Donkey Kong or the original Super…

VR and Metaverse Moderation

AI-Generated Content: should platforms do more to protect users?

As AI-generated content continues to take the online world by storm, many users are calling for platforms to put greater measures into place to detect and remove harmful manipulated media…


WebPurify’s Un-Gated Library of Insights: access our archive of eBooks and case studies, no strings attached

As pioneers in content moderation, staying ahead of the curve isn’t just a goal for us, it’s a commitment. In an industry as dynamic and impactful as ours, where the…

Marketing & Operations

Detecting Deepfakes & AI Content: where does the responsibility lie?

The prevalence of AI-generated content has surged in recent years. With harmful deepfakes and synthetic media becoming increasingly common on platforms across the web, the question on everyone’s mind is:…


President Biden’s Executive Order on AI: how WebPurify can help you stay compliant

AI is rapidly intertwining with our daily lives, and the potential risks it poses have garnered attention at the highest levels. The recent Executive Order by President Biden, along with…