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Video Moderation Solutions
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Quickly integrate turnkey and custom video moderation services with rapid API response times and industry-leading results.

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with Turnkey Criteria

Take advantage of our turnkey criteria to automatically moderate uploaded videos and reject offensive content within minutes based on several different configurations.

AI-based video moderation.

Our Automated Intelligent Moderation (AIM) API can detect, score, and remove unwanted video content within minutes across these 12 integrated categories.

  • Nudity Detect raw and partial nudity, adult or suggestive content
  • Minors Detect babies, children, and teenagers under 18
  • Drugs Detect prescription drugs, syringes, pills, and pill bottles
  • Weapons Detect handguns, rifles, machine guns, knives, axes, and more
  • Gender Detect men, women, and children/minors
  • Blurriness Detect low-quality images that are blurry, too light or too dark
  • Hate Detect offensive symbols like Nazi swastikas and ISIS flags
  • Alcohol Detect beer, wine, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages
  • Offensive Gestures Detect obscene or offensive hand gestures and body language
  • Embedded Text Detect text that has been artificially added to images and video
  • Celebrities Detect thousands of well-known people across categories
  • Sunglasses Detect faces hidden by sunglasses

Live video moderation.

Let our expert team review your video and audio to capture nuances—such as sexually suggestive behavior vs. nudity, or violence and hate vs. weapons—in as little as an hour. They can also reject broken videos and flag languages other than English. Pricing starts at just 15¢ per minute of video content moderated.

  • Nudity or partial nudity
  • Sexually suggestive behavior
  • Hate or hate crimes
  • Violence
  • Offensive gestures or language (English Only)
  • Drugs, drug paraphernalia, or drug use
  • Blank or broken videos

Other Language Label: If a video complies with our moderation criteria but contains languages other than English, we will label it as “Other Language.”

AI + Live Video Moderation.

To deliver the best results, we offer a hybrid solution that leverages our AI technology to immediately reject obvious violations and flag potential issues for escalation to live moderators for further investigation.

  • Fast & Accurate

    Automated results are returned within minutes, while videos reviewed by our live teams are returned within an hour or less, 24x7, 365 days a year. (For even faster results, we recommend a custom solution.)

  • Highly Scalable

    Between our live moderation teams and our AI technology, there’s no limit to the amount of video you can send to WebPurify. Our solutions easily scale to meet any capacity.

  • Easy to Integrate

    Our video moderation technology is easy to implement for anyone with experience using HTTP web services. All it takes is a few lines of code to be up and running in no time.

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Live Streams & Other Custom Video Moderation: Enhance Performance On Your Terms

Need a custom solution that involves super-fast response times, unique rejection criteria, or the ability to moderate live streams? No problem! We’ll advise you on the best, most cost-effective solution for your needs—and train our live teams and AI technology accordingly.

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Case Study Protecting Pringles’ User-Generated #TasteTracks Videos


When Pringles launched its Mr P chatbot, fans were invited to create and share their very own #TasteTracks music videos via Facebook Messenger for a chance to win a nifty vacation.

Pringles #TasteTracks

These user-generated videos were then automatically assembled into a tasty mashup… but not before thousands of them were instantly moderated by WebPurify to make sure nothing too dodgy or inflammatory got through.

Case Study Moderating Live Stream Videos for a Leading Social Platform

A leading social platform allows its users to livestream creative content with moderation support from WebPurify. Hundreds of thousands of them, in fact.

To maintain its stellar reputation, our expert moderators review thousands of videos in real time, carefully checking the first 30 seconds frame by frame to ensure nothing offensive is published on the site. Any video deemed safe is allowed to keep streaming, while anything dubious is immediately blocked.


Video Moderation FAQs

  • Who should use the WebPurify Video Moderation Service?

    Anyone who is in need of easy-to-implement, live or automated, fast, and efficient video moderation or tagging services. Our solution can be used to moderate or filter most web-hosted videos

  • How does the WebPurify™ Video Moderation Service Work?

    1. You may begin submitting videos via our API to our turnkey live team right away to be reviewed for our live team turnkey criteria or contact sales to set up our artificial intelligence services or for custom moderation needs.

    2. Simply submit the URL to a video to our HTTP web service.

    3. The results of our moderations will be returned to you via a callback URL you provide.

  • Who performs the live moderation?

    Our very qualified in-house teams that are prepared to handle your submissions 24/7 365 days a year. We do not crowdsource this important work.

  • Do you offer automated video moderation using artificial intelligence?

    Yes, you can utilize our Automated Intelligent Moderation (AIM) service to detect nudity, partial nudity, weapons, drugs, alcohol, offensive gestures, hate symbols, minors, gender, text, celebrities, and blurriness in videos. Please contact to discuss your specific needs.

  • Do you moderate the Audio as well?

    Absolutely. Our live team reviews every second of video and audio carefully. Please note that our turnkey live team only moderates audio in English. If a video contains other languages, our team will label it so that you are aware. If you require other languages please contact sales for a custom solution.

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Other Language Label: If a video complies with our moderation criteria but contains languages other than English, we will label it as “Other Language.”