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Why 1 in 7 Fortune 100 companies choose to work with us

March 13, 2024 | Content Moderation Case Studies

Imagine an expert team dedicated to ensuring the safety and integrity of a space, much like engineers meticulously crafting the safety systems of the world’s tallest buildings. These professionals perform essential work, safeguarding the well-being of the community within, yet their contributions often go unnoticed, their expertise silently upholding standards and preventing chaos.

At WebPurify, our domain isn’t physical architecture; it’s the digital landscape of user-generated content platforms. Rather than constructing skyscrapers, we build robust frameworks for online safety, seamlessly integrating with our clients’ ecosystems to foster environments where engagement thrives free from harm.

We like it when our contributions go unnoticed; it means we’re doing our job well. Our expertise lies in creating straightforward, effective solutions that integrate effortlessly into your operations, upholding the safety of your online community without the need for fanfare.

Our work is essential yet discreet, much like those engineers who ensure the stability of the buildings we live and work in, and among those who trust us to keep their communities safe are one in every seven Fortune 100 companies.

A Legacy of Experience and Specialization

“The value we bring is experience,” says Josh Buxbaum, co-founder of WebPurify. “We’ve been in this space for nearly two decades, but our longevity in this industry isn’t just about years; it’s about the depth of experiences and lessons learned.

“We’re not just service providers; we see ourselves as strategic partners, helping our clients navigate the complexities of content moderation with a nuanced, tailored approach.”

This partnership ethos is at the heart of WebPurify’s operations. We dive deep into the specific needs and challenges of each of our clients, crafting strategies that are as unique as the brands we serve. It’s a consultative process, driven by a commitment to understand and align with our clients’ goals, risk profiles, and budgetary constraints.

“Every client brings a unique set of needs and challenges,” Josh notes. “Our role is to peel back the layers, uncover the specifics of each situation, and devise strategies that not only address immediate concerns but also fortify the brand’s long-term digital presence.”

One of the reasons that big brands like working with us is that our history and experience enable WebPurify to diagnose areas of vulnerabilities that the client hasn’t even considered yet, Josh adds. “We’ve seen it all in the specialized markets they work in.”

Quality at the Forefront

Quality is also a cornerstone of our offering. At WebPurify, a dedicated quality team ensures that our content moderation services adhere to the highest standards, leveraging bespoke tools fine-tuned for the nuances of what we do. This team’s sole focus is to pull sample sets of our moderators’ work and keep a close eye on our quality, as well as tracking that we are on target with our Service Level Agreement.

“Our focus on quality isn’t just about meeting benchmarks; it’s about setting them,” says Josh. “With a specialized toolset and a vigilant quality team, we ensure that our clients’ digital spaces reflect their values and safeguard their communities.”

WebPurify’s bespoke moderation tools also hold a lot of appeal. If you think about a traditional client, they may have some internal tools for moderation that haven’t evolved over time. A lot of clients will integrate with us via our API and use our tool, which is constantly evolving and finely tuned for content moderation. It’s more efficient than what they’ve been using. This is what makes WebPurify unique.

Scalability and Specialization

Scalability is another facet of our service that appeals to these brands. If you’re a global brand requiring an extensive network of moderators, WebPurify is equipped to scale swiftly and efficiently.

“Our ability to scale is a testament to our team’s agility and our deep resource pool,” Josh says. “We’re ready to grow with our clients, ensuring their digital environments are safe, no matter the scale.

“We can scale very quickly. Brands often launch with a few moderators but then quickly scale up to hundreds of people. We can do this.”

The Essence of Confidentiality

At the core of WebPurify’s ethos is an unwavering commitment to confidentiality. In an industry where the work is crucial yet often unseen, we understand the importance of discretion. “We operate behind the scenes, but our impact is front and center in the safe, respectful communities our clients maintain,” Josh says. “Confidentiality isn’t just a policy; it’s a fundamental aspect of the trust our clients place in us.

“Clients sometimes mention us, and that’s ok. But out of respect for the work we do, we don’t highlight it and maintain confidentiality. In essence: they can mention us, but we don’t mention them.”

Prioritizing Moderator Mental Health

WebPurify is committed to the mental wellbeing of our content moderators. Recognizing the challenges they face, we’ve developed a comprehensive Employee Wellbeing and Assistance Program (EWAP). This initiative provides around-the-clock access to counseling, professional therapists, stress management programs, and mindfulness training.

We also proactively monitor our team’s stress levels, offering targeted support and on-site counseling to ensure their mental health is safeguarded. At WebPurify, the mental health of our moderators is a top priority, integral to both their personal well-being and our collective success.

In Conclusion

WebPurify’s appeal to a significant segment of Fortune 100 companies is rooted in a deep understanding of content moderation, a commitment to quality and scalability, and a foundational respect for client confidentiality.

“Our mission extends beyond moderation,” Josh says. “It’s about empowering our clients to create digital spaces where safety and respect are paramount. That’s why they choose us, and that’s why we’re proud to stand with them in this ongoing effort.”