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WebPurify Launches Automated Intelligent Moderation Service

Leading content-moderation company adds artificial intelligence to its suite of human moderated services. LOS ANGELES — Content-moderation industry leader WebPurify adds to its portfolio of client offerings with the launch…

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Moderating Digital Out-of-Home Advertising UGC

Digital out-of-home advertising, also known as digital place-based media, is the world’s second fastest-growing ad medium, according to Screen Media Daily. If you’re not already familiar with it, this form…

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Custom Image Moderation: The Business of Defining Gray

WebPurify offers two services where image moderation is concerned—a standard and a custom image moderation solution. Many websites and apps on a budget have found great success with WebPurify’s standard image…

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Meet WebPurify’s Josh Buxbaum

Josh Buxbaum’s commitment to customer satisfaction is one of the driving forces behind WebPurify’s success. As WebPurify’s Director of Sales and Client Services and one of the company’s two co-founders,…

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Moderating the User-Generated Product Customization Trend

  We are increasingly living in an “it’s all about me” kind of world, as we are continuously enabled to share our ideas, ideals, style and more with the masses…

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Are Algorithms the Future of Content Moderation?

Algorithms are an important software technology with a lot of promise in many areas of our digital lives. But do they have a role in website content moderation? That’s an…

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The Lesser Known Internet Dangers Your Children Are Being Exposed To

“It’s not uncommon to see, really, two and three year olds becoming quite fluent with using a touch tablet or a touch device. So by the time they turn 6,…

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Swiping Left on Half a Million Images Daily . . . So You Don’t Have To

Last month we traveled to Sin City to share our expertise on how to keep the online dating world clear of offensive content, so 40 million Americans can safely continue…

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Cloudinary Expands One-Stop Shop for Cloud-Based Image Management

Cloudinary, the leading cloud-based image management platform, today announced new and fully integrated image processing add-ons, leveraging technologies by Imagga, ReKognition, URL2PNG, Aspose, WebPurify and others.

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Crowdsourcing For Image Moderation – What are the Dangers?

If you’re running a content marketing campaign and considering using a crowdsourced solution to moderate user-uploaded images (UGC) on your website,  we strongly suggest that you reconsider. There are several important…

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