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Moderation Results

Now that you have submitted a photo to be moderated, how do you get the result?

Photo moderation results can be returned using one of the following methods:

  1. Callback URL
  2. AWS Simple Notification Service
  3. Polling

Callback URL

After each moderation, our service makes a GET request to a callback URL you provide.

You can set your callback URL by logging in to your WebPurify account and selecting your photo filter license.

Optionally you can set your callback URL when you submit the photo for moderation using the “callback” argument.

The callback request is always sent with at least two arguments: imgid and status. If the photo was submitted with the optional “customimgid” value set, that will also be sent.


If you set your callback URL to:

A sample response after a photo has been moderated would be

Possible photo statuses are:

- status=1 (approved)
- status=2 (declined)

If you opted in to have photos checked for matches against known child exploitation hash datasets, a match would result in:

- status=3 (match)

AWS Simple Notification Service

WebPurify can publish a JSON response for each moderated photo to the SNS topic associated with the photo.

To associate a SNS topic to a photo, use the “snstopic” parameter when submitting a photo to our service.

Please email to coordinate authentication.


You can make regular requests to the WebPurify API Method until the status has changed from “pending”.