Combine our Automated Intelligent Moderation system (AIM) and our Live moderators to create a powerful low cost solution.

Images submitted to this method, are first sent to AIM and then sent to our live moderation team based on thresholds you set.

I.E any image that is given a 50% or greater probability by AIM can then be sent to our human moderation team for further review.

api_key (Required)
Your API application key.
imgurl (Required)
Full url to the image you would like moderated.
format (Optional)
Response format: xml or json. Defaults to xml.
thresholdlt (Optional)
Set the lower threshold to pass the image to our live team
thresholdlt=50 would send all images that AIM gives a nudity probability of less than 50 to our live team.
thresholdgt (Optional)
Set the uypper threshold to pass the image to our live team
thresholdgt=70 would send all images that AIM gives a nudity probability of greater than 70 to our live team.
customimgid (Optional)
A custom ID you wish to associate with the image that will be carried through to the callback if your image is sent to the live tream.
callback (Optional)
You may also submit a URL encoded callback on a per image basis: read more
Example Request
https://im-api1.webpurify.com/services/rest/?api_key=[API KEY]&method=webpurify.hybrid.imgcheck&thresholdlt=50&imgurl=http://urltoimage.jpg
Example Response
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
  <rsp stat="ok">
Error Codes
100: Invalid API Key
The API key passed was not valid.
101: API Key is inactive
The API key passed is inactive or has been revoked.
102: API Key was not included in request
This method requires an API Key.
103: Not a valid URL
The submitted URL is not valid.
106: Out of Requests
Out of Requests, Please refill.
Turnkey Image Moderation Criteria
Reject images that:
Turnkey Video Moderation Criteria
Reject videos that:
Other Language Label: If a video complies with our moderation criteria but contains languages other than English, we will label it as “Other Language.”