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WebPurify PhotoDNA Integration

WebPurify now offers a free add-on service to automatically check photos for matches against known child exploitation hash datasets provided by organizations like:

How it works:

NCMEC has created and maintains a list of PhotoDNA signatures for the ‘worst of the worst’ child sexual abuse imagery. We have integrated our content moderation service with PhotoDNA, an application operated by Microsoft. This solution will calculate the unique digital signature of a photo you submit and match that signature against those of other photos to determine whether the photo contains illegal content, such as child pornography. Access to this platform does not provide you with direct access to the secure set of digital signatures stored on Microsoft’s servers.

All photo signatures that are not matched against the PhotoDNA signatures will continue to be moderated by the WebPurify team for our Standard Criteria.

An photo that is matched to a PhotoDNA signature will result in a moderation status of “3”. An alert email will also be sent to the email address you used to register your WebPurify account.

This alert email will contain:

  1. The WebPurify Photo ID
  2. The custom Photo ID you provided to us when the photo was submitted. (optional).
  3. The date and time the photo was submitted to WebPurify.
  4. A link to the NCMEC CyberTip form where US based customers can report the photo.
  5. Non U.S. based customers will need to determine how to submit reports on their own.

To activate PhotoDNA for your API key, please log into your WebPurify Admin console and turn PhotoDNA on your you API Key and enter the required information.

WebFurther does not provide advice or counsel related to these legal requirements or obligations.

By using this feature you authorize WebFurther to transmit your submissions to Microsoft’s PhotoDNA Cloud Service. You hereby agree to the Terms of Use applicable thereto.