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Turnkey image moderation
by trained experts.

WebPurify moderation teams monitor your online platforms 24/7, flagging inappropriate images according to our turnkey criteria and ensuring the integrity of your brand. Our moderators are highly trained and continually assessed for speed and accuracy.

Both shared and on-demand, our live moderation solution enables us to deliver the highest quality service while keeping the cost per image low, and requires no minimum commitment.

Need us to label, tag or annotate for rules beyond our turnkey criteria?

WebPurify has been keeping images clean for major brands for more than a decade. We’ve developed hundreds of content moderation plans featuring response times of <2 minutes and are happy to train a team just for you.

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Expert Live Team
Image Moderation Features

  • Easy to Integrate

    Our API is easy to integrate, allowing you to get our live moderation teams up and running, and reviewing your image content in no time. Check out our API documentation and see for yourself!

  • No Crowdsourcing

    WebPurify offers highly-trained live moderators for a reason— to remove risk and maintain accountability. That’s why we never, ever, crowdsource our solutions (learn more here).

  • Fast API Response

    Administered as a turnkey solution, our live team moderates images within 5 minutes, 24x7, 365 days a year. More than 90% of requests are returned in as fast as 2 minutes.

  • Quality Control

    To ensure accurate and consistent results, we employ two types of QC methodologies-active and post-moderation reviews of our live team’s results, and daily performance testing of individual moderators.

  • Flexible Pricing

    If our turnkey moderation criteria cover your needs, the cost is just 2¢ per image with no minimums. Need to moderate millions of images? Contact sales to learn more about volume discounts.

  • Ultimate Scalability

    WebPurify moderates hundreds of thousands of images daily. We are prepared for projects of all sizes, and can respond quickly to unanticipated spikes in volume.

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