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Case Study: + WebPurify

April 10, 2017 | Profanity Filter, Content Moderation Case Studies

GrandPrixPro-BadWord is a website devoted to teaching kids the times tables. (Remember those?) The children’s site, which has a massive one million pageviews each day and has been in operation for 18 years, coaches multiplication through a variety of methods including online games and quizzes. Its users are not only kids, but also teachers and parents.

“The kids come to the site to practice the times tables with games. Parents and teachers come to the site for help teaching kids how to multiply. Although we focus on multiplication, we have games for addition, subtraction and division, too,” explains Alan Walker, owner of


The Challenge

The site’s main challenge with moderation was filtering out any profanity the children were using in their player profiles and such. “Kids will be kids! We don’t want them using their real names when playing others in our multi-player games and they can be very creative with the names they choose. We also want them using appropriate names for their avatar,” Walker says.

The Solution

For 3 years, has been taking advantage of WebPurify’s automated Profanity Filter service, and has added a handful of authorized and prohibited words to the filter as well. “The folks at WebPurify have been wonderful to work with. Over the years, we have only had a few issues, but the answer and solution were only a phone call away. And, most of the time, we caused the issue ourselves! The WebPurify profanity solution was a PERFECT fit for our site. We want kids [who come to our site] to have a good, clean experience,” Walker says.

Our Expertise

Moderating children’s websites and apps is a key part of WebPurify’s portfolio of offerings. Other clients include Grom Social, Play Lab and many more. Not only is our automated profanity filter designed to catch the creative ways users attempt to submit text with offensive language, we also aim to protect kids from predators who are all too prevalent in the online space. To further protect children, we offer our clients Image Moderation and Video Moderation in addition to the Profanity Filter.

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