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Introducing Alisa Rangwala, WebPurify’s new Senior Program Manager of Trust & Safety

April 29, 2024 | Careers

WebPurify is excited to introduce Alisa Rangwala, our new Senior Program Manager, who joins the team with a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective on trust and safety.

Alisa’s journey into the world of trust and safety was not a straightforward one. “Trust and Safety wasn’t a field I knew existed when I entered the workforce,” she says. “I started my career in finance after college, and after a few years, I decided on a career change. That’s when I came across an entry-level position at Twitter for content moderation in their ads program and thought it would be a fun place to work.

This unexpected introduction to trust and safety opened the door to a career that Alisa had not previously imagined, and she quickly found her passion in navigating the complex challenges of content moderation.

Now in her role as Senior Program Manager, Alisa is instrumental in orchestrating critical initiatives that enhance the delivery of our trust and safety services. Alisa’s role entails managing, initiating, and supporting multiple projects that contribute to WebPurify’s ability to deliver best-in-class content moderation and trust and safety services to our customers. This can range from ensuring our operations are running smoothly to helping develop enforcement policies for projects.

Introducing Alisa Rangwala, WebPurify’s new Senior Program Manager of Trust & Safety

“My role involves a lot of moving parts,” Alisa says. “Ultimately, it’s about making sure we’re not just reacting to problems, but preventing them.

“One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is the importance of staying proactive in problem-solving,” she adds. “Challenges in the trust and safety domain can often arise unexpectedly, but it’s crucial to have a general plan for addressing them.

“For instance, during my tenure at Twitter, no one anticipated the January 6th attack on the Capitol. However, my team had formulated a plan for handling sensitive events, resulting in minimal repercussions to our platform’s health and safety. Now, prioritizing the development of backup plans for our projects in case of unforeseen issues has become my focus.”

Alisa’s first initiative here is to figure out and implement ways to improve operational efficiency across some of our high-priority projects. “The goal is to enhance how we utilize our resources, save time, and reduce unnecessary strain on the team’s bandwidth. This means not only improving speed and accuracy but also ensuring that our team can work in a way that’s sustainable and effective.”

WebPurify VP of Trust & Safety Alexandra Popken adds that while Alisa’s role is focused largely on supporting the trust and safety team, she is also helping them build for the future. “We recognized a growing need for a role that not only oversees the day-to-day operations of our trust and safety initiatives but also strategically enhances our capabilities to handle the evolving complexities of online content,” Alex says. “Creating the Senior Program Manager position was essential for us to stay ahead of industry challenges and continue delivering exceptional service.

“Alisa’s vision aligns perfectly with our goals at WebPurify, and we are excited to see how her leadership will drive innovation and maintain the highest standards of safety for our clients’ communities.”

Her success, Alisa says, will be measured by customer satisfaction, decision accuracy by our team, and overall efficiency in meeting deadlines and the terms of our SLAs.

Looking forward, Alisa sees significant growth and innovation on the horizon for the trust and safety sector. “In the next five to 10 years, I expect the trust and safety industry to undergo a radical transformation, propelled by groundbreaking technological advancements.

“The ways we connect online are multiplying rapidly, and emerging platforms like augmented reality, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things are redefining digital interaction. At WebPurify, we’re not just keeping pace, we’re actively integrating these technologies into our suite of tools and services to ensure that as the digital world evolves, our approaches to maintaining safe and positive online environments remain at the cutting edge.”