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Romance scams explained: how WebPurify identifies and halts deceptive practices

Romance scams rank among the most common and emotionally devastating forms of online fraud, and they are growing not only in frequency but also in sophistication. Romance scams are the…


Generative AI content moderation: WebPurify’s dual approach to helping you stay ahead

Generative AI is taking the world by storm, changing how we create and produce. And as industries increasingly turn to generative AI to create everything from customer management to visual…

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Listen to your content moderator: how moderation data can guide your business strategy

In the world of retail, data is king. Every industry from children’s toys to snack products employs retail analysts to pore over data sources, including sales figures, customer feedback, and…


Balancing innovation and safety in online dating with generative AI

Artificial intelligence may be making all the headlines these days, but for brands in the online dating industry, it’s been a staple tool for many years. AI has transformed the…


What is MaaS? Explaining Moderation as a Service

The digital revolution of the 2000s ushered in so many changes to our working and personal lives that, looking back, it’s easy to take for granted just how much has…


Introducing Alisa Rangwala, WebPurify’s new Senior Program Manager of Trust & Safety

WebPurify is excited to introduce Alisa Rangwala, our new Senior Program Manager, who joins the team with a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective on trust and safety. Alisa’s…


Brand safety and suitability: how content moderation can save an advertiser’s reputation

Content moderation is an essential step in making sure advertising connects with the right audience. It’s not just its role in quality control and policing legal requirements that can make…


Key moments in content moderation

Today, content moderation acts like the “immune system” of the world’s online communications, filtering out harmful content to make the web a safe, more civil and trustworthy space for everyone….


How to be a content moderator

If you’re seeking to break into the tech industry in a role that can make a significant impact while also providing a huge sense of fulfillment, you should consider content…


Which content moderation service is best for my business?

Whether you’re a burgeoning startup, a medium-sized enterprise, or a large corporation, your brand’s specific needs for content moderation can vary significantly based on your industry, market, and audience size….

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