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BETA Foreign Language Support

Currently the following language(s) are in BETA: Chinese (zh), Korean (ko), Punjabi (pa)

You will NOT need a new license key to use this Beta. You may use any of your current license keys or sign up for a trial key.

To perform an action using the WebPurify Web Service, you need to send a request to its endpoint specifying a method and some arguments using the HTTP calling convention. You will then receive a formatted response.

The Beta HTTP endpoint url is:

The REQUIRED parameter method is used to specify the calling method. A list of the offered methods is below.

The REQUIRED parameter api_key is used to authenticate your request. If you don’t have a license key you can purchase one or get a trial key.

The REQUIRED parameter text is the string you would like to check for profanity.

The OPTIONAL parameter lang is the 2 letter language abbreviation. If lang is not defined, it will default to English.

The arguments, responses and error codes for each method are listed on each spec page for each method.

All bugs should be reported to: