Best Content Marketing Blogs in 2023

December 30, 2019 | Marketing & Operations

Want to stay ahead of the latest digital content trends? The world of branded advertising, content moderation, SEO, social media, and user-generated content move at lightning speed, so it pays to study up.

Content marketing blogs are excellent resources for diligent advertisers and fresh learners alike to learn inbound marketing strategies. They can teach you not only how to make an initial splash but also how to sustain the hype and grow. The only issue is that you usually must filter through a lot of less-than-worthy scraps to find a few rare gems of insight.

Fortunately, these 20 marketing blogs can help. We’ve gone through some of the world’s leading digital publishers and compiled them here to make your life easier.

Why not dive into our 2020 lineup of the top marketing news sources that you should add to your reading list?

Note: Check out our favorite tech blogs when you’re finished with the content marketing blogs.

Moz screenshot

The Moz blog builds upon a comprehensive SEO toolset that has long been one of the standards of digital marketer outreach. In addition to marketing news, this blog shares tips and tricks for everything from link building to generating niche industry traffic. If you’d like to learn from industry leaders and trendsetters who also love blogging, then this is an exceptional place to get started.

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salesforce screenshot

Salesforce is a widely used platform for customer relationship management or CRM. As such, its blog is an excellent resource for learning about how your content marketing relates to factors like your ability to cultivate consumer relationships. This blog covers a wide range of topics, including customer experiences, small business management, mobile development, B2B commerce trends and the use of AI in retention. Even if CRM isn’t currently a significant element of your business model, you can benefit from these insightful pieces on running a successful Digital-Era enterprise.

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Neil Patel screenshot

Neil Patel’s blog packs years of content geared towards those seeking enhanced traffic and sound marketing tips. Notably, the Marketing School podcast includes more than 1,200 short, free episodes that anyone can use to up their game. As an established authority, Patel also covers lots of interesting, in-depth topics, such as choosing suitable keywords and surviving search algorithm changes. Best of all, he’s very good at breaking down big outreach tasks in ways that anyone can follow.

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ProductHunt screenshot

Don’t let this one’s unique layout fool you. Although Product Hunt’s tech-oriented focus differs from the standard fare found on most content marketing blogs, it provides valuable information for enterprises and individuals seeking powerful applications. Each post covers products or services that perform specific tasks, such as testing your software APIs, building websites, and managing team communications. There are also lots of consumer-oriented apps, making this a wise venue for promoting what you’ve been working on lately.

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Gartner screenshot

Gartner is a world-renowned research and analysis company that studies a wide range of industry verticals. Each year, the firm publishes a high-profile list of the leading companies in different fields, including digital outreach. It also holds conferences that often define trends in specific domains. Although this isn’t the same kind of quick reading that you might expect to find online, these marketing blogs, e-books, white papers, and reports are excellent resources for getting inspired and honing your outreach strategies.

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Themeisle screenshot

Themeisle’s blog primarily focuses on WordPress and everything that goes along with using it, including installation, hosting, themes, and email marketing. This site also includes a good selection of free WordPress themes. Unlike some other blogs for content marketers, Themeisle also offers something for independent professionals and startup entrepreneurs, such as guides on creating your store, polishing up your resume and switching your blog from Medium over to WordPress.

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The Express Test blog offers the utmost in SMS marketing advice. Learn and follow the latest techniques to help your business grow. Not only that, but also find out the effects of marketing in different areas such as education, politics, and the general economy. Express Text even provides recommendations for everyday scenarios, such as how to handle a potential emergency. Catch up on all current marketing tips and strategies with this insightful blog.

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Impact screenshot

IMPACT’s blog THE LATEST shares tips on the up-and-coming trends and established fundamentals of inbound marketing, sales, user interface design, and viral marketing news. You’ll get to learn by example with long-form guides, webinars, podcasts and more. IMPACT also produces shows that make it easy to master your preferred outreach flavor, such as creating film content. The Website Throwdown is an excellent place to capitalize on others’ mistakes without repeating them yourself as it includes insider critiques.

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Webfx screenshot

WebFX is a digital marketing company that’s been around since the 90s. Its marketing blogs make up a massive repository of technique insights hitting upon everything from geofencing to web design and ad bidding. One noteworthy distinction is that this company provides several complimentary and paid marketing tools, such as an SEO checker, email advertising platform, site metric tracker and advertising impression cost calculator.

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Upcity screenshot

Want to learn more about media production, content marketing, and branding? The UpCity blog offers a well-rounded perspective. In addition to presenting well-thought-out interviews with industry leaders and UpCity partners, the blog dives into exemplary cases of outreach successes, shares vital case study creation pointers and explains Google Ads for beginners. Fortunately, its content is easy to navigate because it’s broken down into categories, like conversion optimization, social media content, and SEO. UpCity also lists trusted, pre-vetted service providers, making it easy to apply the lessons you learn during your reading sessions.

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Ahrefs screenshot

The Ahrefs blog is ideal for those who want to get stuck into in-depth guides on specific SEO and topics for content marketers. For instance, the company’s pieces on long-tail keywords, keyword research, and blogger outreach include lots of rare tips that you might not have heard before. Even though the blogs can tend to be a bit on the wordy side, they’re generally well-written enough for you to absorb them without getting bored along the way. Like some of the other sites on this list, Ahrefs provides digital marketing tools, so you can jump to those offers if you want to implement any of the concepts you discover right away.

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Adage screenshot

Do you feel like your content marketing strategy might be getting tired and stale? Reading the Ad Age online publication is a smart way to freshen things up and start thinking outside the box. Whereas most outreach blogs on the web focus exclusively on the digital world, this marketing news site has a history that predates the modern internet by a solid 70 years, and it covers everything from Super Bowl ads to viral campaigns and fitness marketing. If you want to contextualize what you’re doing within a broader framework, then reading Ad Age might reveal how you stack up.

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Campaignmonitor screenshot

The Campaign Monitor blog primarily revolves around email marketing and e-commerce, which are the primary services provided by the company behind the scenes. These content marketing blogs appeal to a broader cross-section of the enterprise sphere than some alternatives do. For instance, you’ll encounter multiple pieces on advertising as a nonprofit, small business or B2B service provider. Email marketing fans will also be pleased to learn that they can get the inside scoop on how their biggest competitors, such as BuzzFeed and others, use email to boost engagement and consumer interest.

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Crazyegg screenshot

Crazyegg helps companies optimize their websites using tools like heatmaps, AB testing, and interaction recording frameworks. The marketing blogs here are wide-ranging, which makes sense considering how much goes into building and maintaining usable site designs. This page features lots of excellent guest content marketing blogs by people like Neil Patel, and it also explains commonly overlooked SEO and outreach strategies, such as choosing the appropriate color palettes, selecting software stacks, picking fonts and cultivating strong customer relationships. While these subjects aren’t scarce in the marketing blog ecosystem, it’s helpful to have so many diverse ideas in one convenient spot.

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Quicksprout screenshot

Quick Sprout marketing blogs are helpful resources for those trying to get started or make improvements in a hurry. These pieces include several highly popular how-to guides on practices like copywriting and launching digital stores. You’ll also spot some deep-dive reviews that might make it easier to choose service providers and expand your business successfully. Notably, the topics of these content marketing blogs aren’t limited to the web-exclusive arena. For instance, you can also learn about point of sale systems, small business accounting tools, and finding drop shipping partners.

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Orbitmedia screenshot

One good route for learning your way around digital marketing is to look to those who’ve done it successfully. With almost 20 years of work behind it, Orbit Media’s blog makes an excellent jumping-off point. Whereas some marketing blogs tell you what you need to do to succeed, these tutorials, guides, and reviews also explain the why behind search algorithms, influencer marketing, long-term content management and paid distribution. These content marketing blogs also share lots of great examples, making it simple to tweak different techniques and apply them to your way of doing business.

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Smartinsights screenshot

Smart Insights provides complete toolkits for managing end-to-end customer lifecycles. The firm’s website also presents a diverse range of free and premium resources designed to make such tasks more manageable. Who might benefit from delving into this content? It will probably prove helpful to anyone who wants to implement new ideas right away since the company’s mission is to deliver actionable pointers. For instance, the Quick Win library includes marketing strategies structured in worksheets, video guides, and checklist formats, so you don’t have to do much to adapt what you learn to your purposes. The blogs also feature statistics that make them great for sharing with people around the office as you try to drum up support for new strategies.

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Backblaze screenshot

The Backblaze blog is another example that concentrates on practices many business leaders overlook. Specifically, it shares personal and enterprise tips for establishing sound data storage and backup practices. While this might not seem very related to marketing, such habits are vital for running a business that engages consumers around the web. If you’ve never heard of business continuity planning or intend to run data-heavy campaigns, then get to reading right away.

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Marketo screenshot

Adobe’s Marketo blog content should be on your list of study materials — even if you don’t use the Adobe Marketo platform. The company’s standards have set the tone for countless successful brands, and its insights on practices like marketing automation are essential for anyone who wants to expand. This content includes numerous metrics, white papers, long-format digital advertising guides, and even cookbooks for things like Lean account-based marketing. You’ll also run into plenty of practical basics and infographics that might help you present stronger cases to investors or confirm ideas for your benefit. Finally, it’s worth noting that although Adobe runs this site, it’s not entirely self-referential because it addresses news from across the industry.

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Socialmediaexaminer screenshot

The Social Media Examiner covers a lot of topics in an easily consumable format. On top of sharing guides about how to perform specific tasks, it includes relevant news items regarding diverse subjects, such as YouTube monetization updates, regional privacy laws, and brand-new Facebook features. You’ll also occasionally discover marketing forecasts and predictions from professionals that make this a useful resource for future-proofing your outreach plans. Although you’ll probably never get through the entirety of the numerous articles here, the search function lets you find specific topics and guide your analysis.

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Coschedule screenshot

The CoSchedule platform bills itself as a one-stop marketing solution, but its blog is anything but myopic. It addresses a comprehensive range of marketing-related topics, like how design impacts advertising and what kind of demographic research suits e-commerce best. If you’re particularly busy, then you might also enjoy tuning in to the Actionable Marketing Podcast episodes that cover some of the same ground in a more casual format.

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If you’re looking to grow your business with a content marketing plan, then the Contently blog needs to be on your radar. Their robust writing staff covers everything you need to know on the topics of content marketer strategy, storytelling, new hot trends, and so much more. You know they’re doing something right – Contently boasts an impressive roster of companies that employ their services. Companies like Marriott, Google, Dell, and Walmart. This experience shines through in their in-depth “how-to” articles and informational posts that are full of useful tips, tricks and ideas. Check them out!

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The Crowdfire Blog is a favorite amongst Creators all over the world! Untold amounts of small businesses, artists, writers, influencers, sellers, freelancers, and self-employed individuals use Crowdfire to go big online. Their blog will give you tons of advice and tips on how to grow your business.

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In Conclusion

Reading reliable content marketer blogs can make it way easier to get your content marketing strategy on track for rewarding outreach experiences. There are many different sources of marketing news, and it’s wise not to limit yourself. Pick your go-to favorites for daily reading, but be sure to explore as many blogs as possible so that you can stay updated on a range of insights and strategic advice.