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Best 22 AI Tools to Help You Drive Business Efficiency

February 8, 2023 | Marketing & Operations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly advanced over the past few years. While once rare and largely unknown, AI programs are now not only widely available, but also easily integrated into our lives. As technology becomes more advanced, more AI tools become available, serving purposes that at one time only a human could do. AI tools can be used for everything from logos to product images to realistic voice overs, enabling your employees to work more quickly and improve their output.

Here are some of the most helpful AI tools that can help make your company and team more efficient!

Tools for your customer experience team


Verloop is a versatile conversational AI for customer support. Verloop spans across industries such as e-commerce, insurance, and travel and can converse with potential customers in several languages. Beyond this, you can also use Verloop to chat with potential customers over different channels and applications such as your website, Facebook, and Whatsapp.


happyfox is a ticketing platform that allows your customer service team to keep track of all of their tickets in one place. This platform enables your team to keep track of all of the tasks involved in a ticket and automate repetitive tasks. It also integrates with popular business apps like Salesforce, Facebook, and Google. Several companies use happyfox for their customer service team, including Whirlpool and LeapFrog.

Tools for your salespeople


Optimove’s data scientists create a custom strategy for each of their clients to help them understand customer behavior, interact meaningfully with customers, and have them coming back for more. Their AI bot scans your customer data and recommends appropriate messaging and courses of action. Optimove has been used and trusted by brands such as Papa John’s, Staples, and the Pennsylvania Lottery.


With Recotap, you can ensure that you’re maximizing the amount of clients and sales you’re bringing in by identifying who is visiting your website and offering them exactly what they’re looking for. Recotap integrates with several mainstream sales, marketing, and CRM platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, and MailChimp.

Humantic AI

Humantic AI uses prospective customers’ LinkedIn profiles to understand their personalities and buying behaviors so that you can use this buyer intelligence to engage with people more authentically and close more deals. They are used by companies such as PayPal, the Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review.


Fireflies takes meeting notes to the next level by enabling you to record, transcribe, and analyze meetings. Once the meeting notes are transcribed, you can search through them for the most important information as well as see metrics such as how much each person in the meeting was speaking. Fireflies is used by companies like Netflix, Uber, and Nike.


If you find yourself often searching for information for clients or rewriting your emails, Pragma can help. Pragma allows you to easily access internally asked questions and knowledge and also helps rephrase, shorten or correct grammar in emails. Pragma integrates with apps such as Slack, LinkedIn, Microsoft Outlook, and Salesforce and is trusted by companies like Samsung and Google.

Tools for your marketing team


ChatGPT is an advanced and versatile chatbot. Unlike chatbots that only answer simple questions, this chatbot is able to debug computer programs, write poetry, and draft works of fiction. The chatbot can even remember previous prompts that were given to it in the same conversation. ChatGPT’s versatility can help create any kind of copy imaginable to help with your marketing needs.


Ocoya does everything social media from helping you generate new visual content with their myriad of templates to writing social copy to giving you metrics for post performance. It not only integrates with all major social media platforms, but also integrates with Canva and Shopify so you can easily make beautiful posts and announce new products. Ocoya is trusted by brands like Pepsi and Toptal.


If you sell products to the public, you want them to look good on your website. Without dedicating all that time and hassle to finding a photographer, you can generate images for your products using quality backgrounds. Photoroom will even remove the backgrounds from your original product images if you need!


If you’ve ever needed royalty-free music for your company’s videos or podcasts, Beatoven gives you the ability to generate production-ready, royalty-free music using AI. You can even select the genre and mood of the music.


If your site has a blog where you want to post regularly, you need can draft completely original full blog posts in more than 20 languages. You can even program the software to focus on specific keywords when writing. Jasper is used by marketers at companies like IBM, Keller Williams, and HarperCollins.


Using Illustroke, your marketing department can create vector images of all different styles using text prompts. Illustroke makes unique vector images that can be used for commercial purposes and cannot be accessed by other users.


As video content becomes the dominant way to grab users’ attention, making videos is becoming more crucial. Gliacloud creates a video out of your blog posts and gives you the control to edit the video however you need.


Murf is a versatile voice generator that is able to generate studio-quality lifelike voiceovers. This can be used for anything from your company podcast to presentations to advertisements. Murf voiceovers are available in more than 20 languages and are highly customizable, allowing you to add pitch, emphasis, speed, and interjections.


When designing or redesigning your branding, you need to make sure everything fits cohesively. Fontjoy helps you find fonts that go together nicely without having to click through the hundreds of thousands of different fonts that are available. Once fonts are generated, you can choose one font that you like then generate others to pair with it.


If your team needs help with developing your entire brand identity, Looka can be a useful tool. Looka can help your team design assets such as logos, social media templates, and business card designs using your design preferences, brand name, and industry.


If your company has a podcast, then your team potentially spends hours per podcast episode editing out unwanted sounds. Cleanvoice makes this easy by automatically removing filler sounds, stuttering, and mouth noises from podcast recordings.


If you have upscale products you want on custom backgrounds, but no budget for a photographer, Flair could be an impactful tool for your marketing team. Flair can create stunning product pictures complete with backgrounds and visual accessories.


Inkforall is an AI content platform that puts your online safety first. While search engines such as Google are cracking down on AI-generated content, Inkforall comes prepared with their ability to protect your company website from AI penalties. Inkforall features an SEO optimizer, AI writer, and the ability to create AI images using a text prompt. It’s been used by companies such as Shopify, Amazon, Hubspot, and Salesforce.

Tools for your HR department


Textio can be used by your hiring managers and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging leaders to help remove inequity from the workplace and the hiring process. Textio helps to eliminate any bias from job posts and employee feedback. Textio is used by companies such as Hulu, McDonald’s, and American Express.


Zenefits was made to give your HR department an all-in-one solution for employee management. From candidate information to payroll to PTO, Zenefits has everything for your HR team all in one place. It’s also helpful for employees, giving them an accessible app to use to request time off and sign up for benefits.


Advances in artificial intelligence mean that your company and teams can work more efficiently. Employing the tools above can help your departments free up time they would be spending on these tasks so that they can focus on more strategic initiatives. Use AI to help your employees do their jobs faster, better, and without unnecessary repetition.