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Best Practices for Mental Wellness in Content Moderation

Practical Ways to Protect Your Front-Line Staff

WebPurify Best Practices for Mental Wellness in Content Moderation eBook Cover

Organizations everywhere are spending millions to moderate the content on their sites and for good reason. User-generated content (UGC) can be graphically gory, alarmingly hateful, and extremely disturbing. In doing what is described as “one of the most crucial jobs created by the Internet economy,” moderation experts are often exposed to egregious subject matter in the line of duty, which can take a heavy emotional toll.

At WebPurify, our approach is to place the wellness of our team at the center of recruitment, training, and operations. In our experience, moderators who feel cared for and supported, part of a team, and valued for their contribution tend to persist, be more productive, and have greater job satisfaction.

Our eBook, “Best Practices for Mental Wellness in Content Moderation,” is now available for everyone to read. No email sign-up needed! Simply click here to access.

In this eBook, we take a look at:

  • Hiring and onboarding content moderators for the demands of the job
  • Specialized tools and techniques that can limit the impact of offensive content
  • Preventive resources like well-being breaks and team-building fun and games
  • Professional counseling and other specialized mental health support services
  • Gathering ongoing feedback and assessing your wellness efforts

Making your moderators’ wellbeing a foremost priority is always the right move. A healthy moderation team is more effective at what they do, further protects your users and brand reputation, and makes a big contribution to your company’s culture. Whether you’re thinking of building a team in-house, growing one that already exists, or evaluating a third party’s business practices, this ebook summarizes proven steps that protect the people in this critical role and sets them—and you—up for success.

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