Live and automated photo moderation in one.

Our one-of-a-kind hybrid moderation model delivers the best of live and automated moderation through one easy-to-use API. Here's how:

Our advanced machine learning technology checks photos against threat categories before they go live, reducing the photo volume that requires human review.


Then, photos with a low likelihood of offensive content (you get to set the percentage) are queued up for review by our live moderators to flag any additional violations.

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Success Story

The Challenge

A top dating app had been using a crowdsourced solution to moderate their photo content according to specific categories, but the crowd’s results were inaccurate and starting to become costly to fix (the client was having to pay multiple workers to review each photo and ensure their validity). And, as you might expect, this also slowed moderation times.

The Solution

WebPurify quickly trained our in-house moderation team, and incorporated our Automated Intelligent Moderation (AIM) technology, to provide a more effective hybrid solution that was up and running in weeks. We’ve been supporting this very successful high-volume project ever since.

  • Launch quickly Seamless Integration

    Easy integration with our API lets you quickly launch our live moderators, and automated photo moderation (AIM) technology, in tandem— bringing a powerful solution to bear in no time.

  • Solutions for every budget Major Savings

    The combination of human and automated moderation is perfect for high-volume apps, online communities and dating sites—saving time, money and effort while keeping your brand photo clean.

  • Scalable Total Confidence

    Given our highly trained moderators, advanced technology and more than a decade of experience working with leading brands, WebPurify is the most trusted name in the content moderation business.

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