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For more than a decade, many of the world’s leading companies have trusted WebPurify to keep their brands safe from offensive content. Operating 24/7 from secure offices, our live moderators and advanced technologies review hundreds of thousands of uploaded photos daily for programs of all shapes and sizes.

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Photo Moderation FAQs

  • How does WebPurify’s photo moderation service work?

    You may use our turnkey criteria and begin submitting photos right away to our live team or contact WebPurify to create custom image moderation criteria. Alternatively, you can use our Automated Intelligent Moderation Service (AIM) to detect more obvious violations in real time.

  • Who should use WebPurify?

    Anyone who is in need of easy-to-integrate, live or automated, fast, and efficient photo moderation or sorting services. Our solution can be used to moderate or filter any web-hosted photo including profile pictures, social posts, stock photos, avatars, contest entries, product photos, etc.

  • Who performs the live moderation?

    Our very qualified in-house teams that are prepared to handle your requests 24/7 365 days a year.

  • How does WebPurify compare to using crowd sourcing solutions?

    Privacy is important to your users. A significant concern for many of our clients is the exposure of their photos to an unscreened freelance worker who can easily capture and disseminate it with no liability. With the WebPurify Photo Moderation Service, our qualified teams moderate all images from our secure office 24/7.

    It is difficult to achieve consistent results with crowd sourcing solutions since guidelines for the unscreened freelance workers such as "nudity" or "sexually explicit" are interpreted differently. With crowd sourcing, the client’s only control over training is the ability to provide written guidelines to the potential moderators. People of various ages and cultures around the world may screen photos reviewed for these criteria very differently. With WebPurify, we will explore and clearly define your custom criteria with you so that we may effectively train our team for your specific project.

    Read More About the Dangers of Crowdsourcing

  • Can WebPurify annotate photos for Computer Vision projects ?

    Absolutely. Use WebPurify's Intelligent Humans to train your Artificial Intelligence.

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