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Agency Client Campaigns

Since our inception over 15 years ago, WebPurify has offered campaign moderation services to clients of all sizes. From boutique PR firms to global advertising agencies, we’ve had a hand in hundreds of campaigns for agency customers, designing custom moderation plans tailored to the specific needs of the client brand in question.

We have literally seen it all. Let us point out potential vulnerabilities that you may not have considered and help you craft the best moderation criteria and game plan for your clients’ digital campaigns. You may require one or all of our services: Profanity Filter, Image Moderation and Video Moderation.

Agency Campaign Moderation Services

Everything is customizable.

WebPurify can customize everything from coverage and turnaround time to what criteria is enforced and use of AI, humans, or a hybrid solution to meet your clients’ campaign needs. The world is your oyster when it comes to options. We’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive moderation plan that ensures user-generated text, photos and video adhere to all necessary brand guidelines, taking the nature of a given campaign into account. If you need 24/7 human coverage, it’s not a problem. If you’d prefer content be checked via AI in realtime and only escalated to humans in the instance of “edge cases” or grey areas, we can do that too.

Beat the competition.

Differentiation is key to the success of a brand, setting it apart from the competition. This in mind, you may not want similar but competitor companies mentioned or pictured in user-generated content (UGC) during your digital campaigns. Our services alleviate this concern by allowing you to block-list competitors’ names in text submissions and reject competitor logos or slogans from being featured in uploaded/shared content.

Avoid brand trashing.

UGC is a fun, effective way to build relationships between customers and a brand. However, it can also open a can of worms when a user posts something potentially harmful, whether intentional or not. At the very least, a bad joke or malicious post can ruin a campaign’s overall experience or damage your client brand’s image. In some instances, though, it could morph into a public relations nightmare with very real legal consequences. Our software and seasoned human moderators get ahead of these risks for you, preempting headaches, wasted budget and wasted time.

We’ll handle it all.

Specialization is a recipe for success. Our AI models have been refined for close to two decades, and our in-house, full-time moderators are veterans at what they do. We’re experts in UGC the same way you’re experts in marketing and PR. Focus on creating an awesome campaign and let us handle keeping it safe and on-brand for your client. From helping with setup, to imparting best practices, developing moderation guidelines to training up our human moderators on your exact criteria, we’re truly turnkey – and at a fraction of the cost incurred hiring in-house. Our services are available via easy-to-integrate APIs, or we can access your CMS if preferred.

Our Specialized Team

WebPurify’s moderators are the absolute best in the business, and are trusted by several dozen Fortune 500 brands along with many more startups and mid-sized organizations. Our team consists of highly trained professionals who work in a controlled, secure environment, in WebPurify’s offices using WebPurify hardware. We’re also proud of our record where employee benefits and wellbeing is concerned. In an industry where the mental health of employees has often attracted (warranted) negative press and scrutiny, we’ve led the charge in offering unparalleled resources, including licensed onsite therapists, guided meditation, mandated check-ins and personalized mental health programs.

We don’t believe in crowdsourcing or sharing moderators across projects. All employees are full time. If you retain our services – certain team members will be dedicated to your campaign alone for its duration. WebPurify also does not retain any of your clients’ moderated data. This means that any content that we review is via URL and never stored or shared to ensure the safety and privacy of your clients’ customers.

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