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Social Media Apps

There are two main parts to WebPurify’s social media moderation services: The first is making sure inappropriate user-generated content doesn’t land on your social media app. The second is that we help your user-generated content stay on brand and relevant for your audience. Our three services—Profanity Filter, Image Moderation and Video Moderation—all come with standard as well as custom options. For example, instead of submitting content via our API, if you prefer, our live teams can access your tools to moderate your platform’s UGC. We’ll act as advisors and work closely with you to devise a plan tailored to your specific social media app.

Social Media Moderation

Staying on brand.

Keeping your social media app on brand is of utmost importance. If you allow user-generated content on your app that’s irrelevant to your audience, they will leave. On the other side of the coin, if you are highly targeted to your particular niche, whether that’s gluten-free cooks, swimmers, dog lovers or natural beauty fanatics, to name a few, they will come. WebPurify’s services can help curate the content on your app to really target it to your audience and ultimately follow through with your intention and vision. What’s more, we can eliminate any content with competitor logos or products so it remains all about you.

Inappropriate content.

Prevent a public relations disaster by making sure your users aren’t sharing inappropriate content, such as hate speech, violence, drug use or nudity, on your social media app. There is a real danger that comes with allowing user-generated content without moderating it. In fact, it’s not just PR nightmare that could ensue—it could have some serious legal implications as well.

Live broadcasting moderation.

WebPurify can moderate your live broadcasting platform in near real time to help prevent a big “oops” from making its way to your social apps’ user forum. We can scan images, video screen grabs, user escalated videos, and text to make sure everything’s kosher. If not, we’ll alert you immediately to shut it down.

Our Specialized Team

We never crowdsource (like other companies do). When our team is performing social media moderation services, we work in a controlled environment—from our own offices, on WebPurify computers. For custom content moderation plans, a dedicated professional team is trained on your specific moderation criteria. WebPurify will never retain any of your blog or community data, either. Content that is sent to us is viewed via URL, and never stored or shared for safety and privacy.

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