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The Nefarious UGC Content Report

Data and insights highlighting the high cost of ignoring UGC safety revealed

WebPurify The Nefarious UGC Content Report eBook Cover

User Generated Content (UGC) is a powerful and, in recent years, integral part of any comprehensive marketing strategy. It significantly improves customer engagement and informs choices, with 80% of Americans reporting it strongly influences their purchasing decisions. But our recent polling reveals there are significant risks to your users and brand if UGC is not properly moderated, quickly turning what should be an asset into a liability.

In putting together this report, WebPurify conducted a survey analyzing thousands of moderation data points pulled from 30 clients across market sectors – ranging from Fortune 500 e-commerce, fintech, social media, and gaming companies to smaller SMB brands.

Our Nefarious User Generated Content Report is now available for everyone to read. No email sign-up needed! Simply click here to access.

By the numbers, find out:

  • How often UGC is harmful vs. benign
  • Market Sector-specific data
  • UGC risks specific to children
  • Concerning, recent trends in livestreamed crime

For example, 1 in every 27 instances of uploaded, user created content is flagged as unsafe for work (NSFW) while 1 in 19 is unsafe for the brand (NSFB). Learn the distinction between these two types of offensive content, if your market is impacted, and more by getting the report now.