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Moderating Gaming Websites and Apps

The competitive nature of gaming makes it easy for in-game chats to get heated. This medium is framed for inflammatory content that you might not want on your game’s website or app, and requires chat moderation.

In our experience, users are always coming up with new and creative ways to submit offensive language. WebPurify is constantly evolving and adjusting our Profanity Filter algorithm to address these attempts. We maintain a significant database of offensive language that we have built over 10 years. But it’s not just a “bad word” list like other homebrew profanity filters you might come across that don’t quite work—we have an advanced, tried-and-true algorithm to catch the various forms of inappropriate text in your in-game chat.

Check out the two options for WebPurify’s Profanity Filter below.

Moderating In-Game Chat

Standard Profanity Filter service.

Our plug-and-play Profanity Filter API is your budget-friendly option for moderating gaming websites and apps. It is an excellent choice to cover your bases, especially for startups or lower-volume gaming sites or apps. This automated, efficient and accurate service reviews your in-game chat for offensive content in multiple languages. It also offers the ability to create your own custom “block” and “allow” lists. The profanity database updates automatically and often, maximizing accuracy and combating new methods of submitting profanity.

Custom Profanity Filter service.

We recommend a custom plan to higher-volume gaming clients who often prefer our dedicated endpoints. Unlike the consumer licenses offered on our site, which share bandwidth with other users, these dedicated endpoints are exclusive to your project, accommodate significant volumes of user-generated text, and scale up on demand. WebPurify offers various plans depending on your volume requirements, and allows you to select the best regional endpoint location to optimize response times.

You can customize your own “block “and “allow” lists to keep the conversation on your gaming site and app in line with your game’s specific needs. For example, if you run a sports-related game, you might decide—in keeping with your target audience—to relax moderation requirements around certain curse words but block the names of competitor games. You may also take advantage of our email address, phone number and link/URL filtering options.

Additionally, WebPurify provides customized reporting options to provide more insight into the filtered content results.

Our Server Solution

For clients who prefer an on-premise solution, we offer the WebPurify Server Solution. This is installed on your machines, so that your content always stays in-house. There is a one-time charge for this solution and then just an annual maintenance fee. We offer free trials of our Server Solution in addition to our API-based profanity filter solutions.

Gamer Profile Moderation

Setting parameters.

If your users are sharing images or creating profile images, we’ll work with you to set parameters that make sense for your platform in regards to profile pictures. You can utilize our standard image moderation service or we can work hand-in-hand with you to customize your moderation criteria. We employ real live, trained professionals to review profile photos to ensure only suitable content is featured.

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