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Dating Websites and Apps

One of WebPurify’s specialties is working with dating websites and apps. We’ve moderated some of the largest dating sites in the industry from day one, nearly a decade ago. From standard dating profile moderation to customized content moderation plans, our three easy to integrate API services—Profanity Filter, Image Moderation and Video Moderation—do it all. Our standard service offerings typically work best for small sites or apps starting out while our highly customized options are great for larger sites with more complex moderation requirements. Regardless, as experienced consultants, we will help you figure out exactly what you need before getting started.

Dating Profile Moderation

Setting parameters.

Profiles are clearly a huge part of what makes dating websites and apps a success. Together, we’ll set parameters that make sense for your platform in regards to profile pictures, text and videos. WebPurify works hand-in-hand with you to customize what is allowed and what is prohibited from user profiles. We employ real live, trained professionals to review profile photos and videos to ensure only suitable content is featured, and our automated profanity filter not only detects inappropriate content in multiple languages, but also rejects any additional terms you’ve added to your “block list.”

Dating profile moderation can be as simple as photo particulars, such as allowing only a full human face, and never a meme or a photo with two people in it. Or, it can be as complex as navigating specific terms of nudity that you set, such as giving the green light to partial nudity in profile pics, but perhaps allowing more risqué photos in one-on-one user communication or a password-protected area of your dating site.

Staying on brand.

It’s important for your dating site or app to have relevant, authentic people using the platform or it could look bad and discourage your customers from continuing to use it. For instance, if you have a dating site for senior citizens only, you might not want 20-somethings to be able to join.

This also goes for fraudulent profiles, which can be set up by jokesters or scam artists targeting your audience. WebPurify’s highly trained team is well-versed in separating the fake from the real.

Prohibiting exchange of contact information.

Another aspect of dating profile moderation that you may want to moderate is the sharing of personal contact information. Our automated filter can screen for email addresses and phone numbers within profiles and early communication to keep the conversation on the dating site until the time is right for two users to meet.

Our Specialized Team

WebPurify doesn’t just use anyone to moderate sensitive content related to dating and relationships. Our moderators work in a controlled environment—from our own offices, on WebPurify computers—and are trained professionals. We never crowdsource like other companies do. WebPurify also does not retain any of your dating website’s or app’s data. This means that any content that is sent to us is simply viewed via URL, but never stored, further protecting users by ensuring the content is not saved or shared.

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