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Generative AI content moderation: WebPurify’s dual approach to helping you stay ahead

May 14, 2024 | Image Moderation

Generative AI is taking the world by storm, changing how we create and produce. And as industries increasingly turn to generative AI to create everything from customer management to visual media, the world faces new and complex challenges that many brands are unprepared for. Among these is the crucial task of moderating AI-generated content to ensure it remains safe and authentic. That’s where WebPurify stands out with our innovative approach to generative AI content moderation, blending high-tech solutions with the critical human touch.

Technological advances in generative AI content moderation

As generative AI becomes more advanced, the ability to distinguish subtle differences between human-made and machine-generated content becomes essential. In the past, one might easily spot an AI-generated image of a person, for example, by things like extra fingers, limbs that are too long or unnatural lighting or poses.

But as AI generators have grown more capable, the inconsistencies are subtle and these details are less obvious to the untrained eye and present new challenges for image moderation.

Leading the charge in our generative AI content moderation process is a sophisticated AI model we developed that detects synthetic images with remarkable precision. This proprietary technology is designed to detect images that are generated using AI software, helping platforms to label and provide greater scrutiny on this content.

“Our model detects AI-generated images created by the current market’s most popular generators, such as Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, Stable Diffusion XL, Midjourney, and more,” says WebPurify co-founder Josh Buxbaum. “Understanding the authenticity of images is crucial for platforms combatting harmful misinformation and we’re always evolving our detection solutions to keep up.”

Over the last year, the evolution of AI detection technology has accelerated dramatically. Just 12 months ago, the market lacked effective solutions for detecting and moderating AI-generated content, but today, thanks to rapid advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, solutions like our AI image model are setting new benchmarks for accuracy and reliability.

hybrid image moderation: AI and humans working together

The important element of human expertise in generative AI content moderation

AI is stellar at handling vast amounts of data at lightning speed, but when it comes to nuanced understanding, human content moderators are in a league of their own. At WebPurify, we believe the human touch remains irreplaceable, which is why we rely on the sharp eyes and seasoned judgment of our moderation team to oversee and refine our AI model’s work.

Our professional content moderators bring a level of intuition that AI, for all its speed and efficiency, simply cannot replicate, especially when handling complex or borderline content.

Red teaming

Our approach doesn’t stop there. At WebPurify, we also employ techniques such as red teaming to enhance the robustness of clients’ and our own generative AI content moderation.

Red teaming involves using our own team to test the weaknesses of AI systems. This proactive approach ensures that potential vulnerabilities can be identified and addressed long before they become actual issues. When moderating for AI-generated content, it’s important to stay two steps ahead.

Prompt engineering

Prompt engineering is another tool in our kit. Here, we work with AI companies and businesses that use generative AI to essentially teach the AI what not to create by crafting tests that push its limits.

We’ll work with teams to effectively play the role of a bad actor, feeding the AI prompts that encourage it to produce content that may violate a platform’s community guidelines. This helps us, and our clients, develop a list of ‘bad prompts’ and words to block to help prevent harmful content from ever being generated, guiding the AI towards safer and more positive interactions.

By understanding how generative models ‘think’ and produce responses, our human moderators can more effectively guide these systems away from undesirable outputs.


Penetration testing and expert consulting

To further safeguard against the misuse of generative AI, WebPurify undertakes rigorous penetration testing. This process simulates attacks on systems to evaluate how well they can stand up to attempts to bypass content moderation measures. This kind of testing is crucial when generative AI can be used to create such sophisticated fraudulent content.

What’s more, WebPurify’s expert consulting services, led by our VP of Trust & Safety, Alexandra Popken, can complement these technical strategies by providing clients with the detailed knowledge and tools they need to protect their platforms and how to grow effective strategies and teams to manage them over the longer term.

“At WebPurify, our moderator-led penetration efforts stress test your systems to ensure they’re capable of thwarting even the most clever attempts to bypass security,” Alex says. “And coupled with our consultation service, we are empowering our clients to not just survive, but thrive in a challenging digital ecosystem.”

By staying ahead of the latest developments in AI-generated content, WebPurify ensures that its clients are always prepared for the next challenge.

Ebook on the impact of generative AI content on e-commerce platforms

Why strong defenses are more important than ever

Generative AI has drastically lowered the barrier to creating convincing fraudulent content, which means the need for sophisticated defense mechanisms is more critical than ever, regardless of what industry you may trade in.

At WebPurify, we blend innovative tech with expert human oversight to create a robust barrier against these new-age threats, and our generative AI content moderation techniques are constantly evolving, even on a weekly basis. This, in fact, is one of the greatest benefits of working with a vendor partner like WebPurify and is one of the reasons why one in seven Fortune 100 companies choose to work with us.

While you may have content moderation tools and a strategy in place, it’s likely they haven’t adapted to the myriad changes out there. And this is understandable: content moderation isn’t your primary business. But it is ours. We adapt immediately to new threats and technologies so we can better protect your users and brand.

As generative AI continues to evolve, it’s clear that being proactive and prepared is the only way to ensure safe, authentic spaces online. WebPurify’s comprehensive approach provides an effective barrier against such threats, combining innovative technology with expert human oversight.

Our blend of advanced AI detection tools and unmatched human moderation expertise sets the standard for future generative AI content moderation. If you’re looking to keep your platform genuine and safe, let’s talk about how we can help.