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Blogs & Communities

WebPurify has extensive experience moderating blogs and communities. As experts in online moderation who have worked in this industry for nearly a decade, we first and foremost serve as consultants to provide guidance and advice on your potential moderation needs.

Whether you have a small or large blog or community forum that needs text, image and/or video moderating, we can help you protect your site from inappropriate content and keep the conversation on brand or topic. The three services we offer include Profanity Filter, Image Moderation and Video Moderation solutions.

Your Needs

Small Blogs and Communities

If you’re the owner or manager of a small blog or community, monitoring user-generated content 24/7 is really an insurmountable task. It’s tough to keep up with user commentary at all hours of the day yourself, and hiring staff to focus on just that may not be cost-effective.

Small blogs and communities have found great success with WebPurify’s plug-and-play solutions. You’re getting quality service with an automated profanity filter that weeds out standard offensive content as well as any words you’ve added to your “black list.” Plus, our standard image and video moderation solutions offer real live and trained professionals who check images within five minutes and videos within an hour—with no big contract attached and at a low cost to you. Find out more about image moderation here.

Large Blogs and Communities

In our experience, larger blogs and communities often require more custom moderation needs. WebPurify can monitor your blogs and forums in terms of any criteria, and can make suggestions to help you develop how restrictive or open you want to be depending on your audience and brand.

While our automated solutions are great for catching offensive text, real live moderators are often required to navigate the nuances of language and prevent a potential conflict. Our live teams can protect your community 24/7 from bullying and other negative behavior.

Another aspect where WebPurify’s custom solution really comes into play is not just where good and bad is concerned, but whether the conversation and content fits your website’s or forum’s topics, brand and intentions. We also can provide a combination of our automated and live moderation services—again, whatever scenario works best for you.

Our Specialized Team

We never crowdsource (like other companies do). When our team is moderating blogs and communities, we work in a controlled environment—from our own offices 24/7, on WebPurify computers. For custom moderation plans, a dedicated professional team is trained on your specific moderation criteria. WebPurify will never retain any of your blog or community data, either. All images and videos submitted to our live teams are simply viewed via URL, and never stored or shared for safety.

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