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Misinformation, Disinformation & Content Moderation

Explore the rising challenge of combating false information online in this introduction to the tools, strategies, and collaborations needed to tackle this issue.

WebPurify Misinformation, Disinformation & Content Moderation eBook Cover

“It’s important to recognize that we’re in a constant battle against those who misuse technology to deceive,” says James Alexander, former Global Head of Illegal Content & Media Operations at Twitter. “You’re not going to be an expert in everything, so make sure that you have good partners…”

From phishing attacks to fake news, we live in an era where the distinction between truth and falsehood is more blurred than ever. Misinformation and disinformation have emerged as formidable challenges, shaping public opinion and impacting global events.

Recognizing the urgency of this issue, we’re proud to present our comprehensive new eBook, “Misinformation, Disinformation & Content Moderation”. In this guide, we examine how disinformation and misinformation evolve and spread online, strategies and solutions for managing it, and what the future may hold.

This resource is yours to explore, free – no emails or subscriptions required, just pure, practical knowledge to help protect yourself, your company and your customers.

What You’ll Discover

  • Comprehensive analysis: understand where misinformation originates, how it transforms, and its societal impacts.
  • Learn from experts about tackling online falsehoods: insights from James Alexander & Veena McCoole, VP of Communications and Marketing at NewsGuard.
  • Practical strategies: Discover effective tools and collaboration techniques to combat false information online.

Start your journey of deeper understanding and effective response to the challenges of misinformation. Click here to read the eBook now – no strings attached!