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How AI is Changing Consumer Behavior

Unlock the Truth Behind AI-Generated Content and its Impact on Users’ Behavior

WebPurify How AI is Changing Consumer Behavior eBook Cover

Are your users concerned about the growing prevalence of AI-generated content on the internet? If so, they’re not alone and neither are you.

Our eBook, ‘How AI is changing consumer behavior’, dives deep into the public’s perception of the rise of Artificial Intelligence – and how platforms can safeguard against its negative effects.

“How AI is Changing Consumer Behavior”, is now available for everyone to read. No email sign-up needed! Simply click here to access.

In this eBook, experts like Sam Gregory, Executive Director at Witness, and Alexandra Popken, VP of Trust & Safety at WebPurify, share their thoughts on:

  • How 92% of respondents aged 35-44 report their trust of online material has been affected by the proliferation of AI-generated content.
  • Why more men than women are noticing the rise in AI content and how age groups differ in their ability to identify AI-generated material.
  • Whether platforms bear the responsibility for detecting and removing AI-generated content.
  • How many people actually trust platforms to correctly identify and handle AI-generated content, such as deepfakes.
  • The challenges and considerations around labeling and watermarking AI-generated content, from privacy issues to technological limitations.

What the experts are saying:

Certainly platforms have a responsibility to adapt their policies and enforcement measures, and give users more privacy-respecting signals into what they’re consuming, but there’s also the AI developers and source models who need to be held accountable for their part,” says Alexandra Popken, VP of Trust & Safety at WebPurify. “At the same time, online users need to be better educated on digital and media literacy.

Don’t get left behind in the fast-evolving landscape of AI-generated content. Equip yourself with the crucial insights you need. Click here to read the eBook now – no strings attached!