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Policing Pixels

How ForeVR Games and WebPurify are making metaverse moderation history

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As the metaverse continues to expand, forward-thinking game developers realize how intrinsic content moderation is to this burgeoning world’s success – here’s how ForeVR Games is at the forefront of metaverse moderation, and staying there by working with WebPurify.

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About ForeVR Games

ForeVR’s games are developed from the ground-up for platforms that offer social connection between players and a next-level sense of presence only possible in VR. ForeVR Bowl, ForeVR Darts, ForeVR Cornhole and ForeVR Pool are available now on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

While surveying its community, some responses signaled to ForeVR that it faced a  number of content moderation challenges. For example, many parents would not let their children play multiplayer, and women were playing as androgynous characters in hopes of avoiding the harassment often aimed at female avatars. Lauren Koester, VP of Marketing, committed to responding robustly: “I know there are games that have had significant issues that far exceed ours and we are blessed with a positive community, but we wanted to tackle these safety issues head on, and user feedback was a pretty significant indicator robust measures were required.”

ForeVR’s content moderation challenges included:

  • Maintaining moderation on a 24/7 basis
  • Protecting against ‘physical’ metaverse abuse
  • Leveraging moderators to also report on UX and product issues
  • Detection of verbal abuse that was less literal and more nuanced, often involving tone or sarcasm
  • Provision of specialized mental health protection for metaverse moderators

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