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The Challenge of Moderating Harmful Content in Real-Time

Navigate the Storm of Digital Crisis Management with WebPurify

WebPurify The Challenge of Moderating Harmful Content in Real-Time eBook Cover

In an interconnected world, every breaking news event reverberates globally in real-time. As tragic and violent incidents are increasingly shared live, UGC platforms face an immense challenge: how can they act swiftly, responsibly, and ethically?

WebPurify’s team has expertly managed over 38 widely- shared violent events over the past decade, 71% of which have taken place in the last four years – and now they’re sharing their expert insight with you.

In this ebook, you’ll find:

  • The WebPurify Crisis Response Playbook
  • Expert insights from Josh Buxbaum, Co-founder of WebPurify, and Alex Popken, WebPurify’s VP of Trust & Safety
  • Actionable tips for anticipation and real-time response to post-crisis support and debriefing
  • How to prioritize mental health for both users and moderation teams