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The Challenge of Moderating Harmful Content in Real-Time

Navigate the Storm of Digital Crisis Management with WebPurify

WebPurify The Challenge of Moderating Harmful Content in Real-Time eBook Cover

In an interconnected world, every breaking news event reverberates globally in real time. As tragic and violent incidents are increasingly shared live, UGC platforms face an immense challenge: how can they act swiftly, responsibly, and ethically?

WebPurify’s team has expertly managed over 38 widely shared violent events over the past decade, 71% of which have occurred in the last four years – and now they’re sharing their expert insight with you.

Our eBook, “The Challenge of Moderating Harmful Content in Real-Time,” is now available for everyone to read. No email sign-up needed! Simply click here to access.

In this eBook, you’ll find:

  • The WebPurify Crisis Response Playbook
  • Expert insights from Josh Buxbaum, Co-founder of WebPurify, and Alex Popken, WebPurify’s VP of Trust & Safety
  • Actionable tips for anticipation and real-time response to post-crisis support and debriefing
  • How to prioritize mental health for both users and moderation teams

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