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Meet WebPurify’s Josh Buxbaum

Josh Buxbaum’s commitment to customer satisfaction is one of the driving forces behind WebPurify’s success. As WebPurify’s Director of Sales and Client Services and one of the company’s two co-founders,…

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Moderating the User-Generated Product Customization Trend

  We are increasingly living in an “it’s all about me” kind of world, as we are continuously enabled to share our ideas, ideals, style and more with the masses…

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Case Study: Play Lab + WebPurify

Since 2014, WebPurify has worked with and its Code Studio’s Play Lab, a project-making platform for K to 8 courses where students can build stories, dialogues and even games…

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Should Your Business Moderate UGC Reviews?

From Yelp to Trip Advisor to Nordstrom and beyond, customer reviews are everywhere, and have truly revolutionized business as we know it. In the past, a restaurant may have gotten…

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The Lesser Known Internet Dangers Your Children Are Being Exposed To

“It’s not uncommon to see, really, two and three year olds becoming quite fluent with using a touch tablet or a touch device. So by the time they turn 6,…

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WebPurify Launches New Profanity Filter Server

WebFurther LLC, a leader in protecting large brands from offensive user generated content, has just released an updated version of their popular profanity filter server.

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