Profanity Filter Plugin for Wordpress.

Protect your WordPress blog from profanity for less than 10¢ a day.

Filters user comments for profanity using the WebPurify Web Service before they are inserted into the database. Replaces each letter of profane words with a "*". You need to have a license key to make use of the WebPurify Web Service. We use these keys to track API usage and to identify your custom filters. Once you purchase a key, you will be able to create custom "blacklists" and "whitelists" in addition to managing your keys.

Supports English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Tested with Wordpress Version 4.0 & BuddyPress


1. Purchase a Plugin License Key

2. Install the pluging directly from your WordPress Admin or Download the Zip File

3. Installation:

  • a. Unzip the file and then upload the entire "webpurify" folder to wp-content/plugins directory. Make sure to add the whole folder, not the individual files.
  • b. Activate it in the Plugin options.
  • c. Go to the Admin -> Options -> WebPurify page to enter your WebPurify API Key.